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Fritz Weller was born in Würzburg in 1930. After the war he was educated as an optician and started to work in his father's business. Later he found an occupation as a sales representative for Oldenkott, at times Germany's biggest pipe and tobacco manufacturer.

The knowledge about pipe fabrication and engineering he gained working for Oldenkott was extremely usefull when he joined his wife who had taken over a specialised pipe and tobacco store in Würzburg. Fritz Weller started with pipe repairs soon but the vocation to be a pipemaker didn't reach him before retirement at the age of 66.

No doubt, Weller's experience won in decades of pipe trading and repairing is an invaluable behoof for his pipe making. Weller pipes bribe by clear shapes and outermost exact manufacturing. Regarding his pipe making rather as a labour of love than a source to increase his old-age pension, a maximum of appr. 15 pipes leaves his workshop per year. Weller spends endless hours on detail work handcrafting his pipes in the true sense of the word.

He uses briar from Tuscany striving to work out the beauty of the wood's graining. This gets underlined by light, almost natural colored stainings. The finish is executed with a thin cover of shellac and followed by polishing with best wax. Decorating elements like massive gold or silver rings are extremely rarely used. Sometimes he attaches applications made of Cumberland, rose wood or a nickel fitting. 90% of all Weller pipes feature a chamber for 9mm filters. He doesn't use any grading and stamps his pipes with a simple "W". Prices range from (appr.) Euro 250 to 450.

If you ask him about pictures of pipes for sale, he will send you a real letter with real photos in it-- just the charming old school!

Fritz Weller
Judenbühlweg 25
97080 Würzburg
Phone: +49 (0)931 - 76551
Sole trader: Pfeifen-Behrend

Deutsche Version siehe Fritz Weller.de