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Richard Baggenstos
White Dog logo

White Dog Freehand Pipes

is a young brand from the heart of Switzerland since 2004. In this very year Richard Baggenstos, the artisan, and his nephew Edgar Auf der Maur got addicted to pipe smoking. Richard Baggenstos was so excited about these noble objects that he decided to produce pipes himself.

Originally he made the pipes from walnut wood, and also the stems were made out of wood! But after a visit to Saint-Claude in 2005, he decided to make his pipes in the future out of the more valueable briar wood. Today Richard Baggenstos uses selected Plateaux briar exclusively, entirely purchased from Saint-Claude. The mouthpieces are completely cut by hand from ebonite rods. So each of his freehand pipes is a little master work. Absolutely professional in style and shaping, each of his pipes sustains comparison to pipes of other top freehanders as he has been assured by some master pipemakers from Saint-Claude.

Three lines of pipes are offered:

  • Eld line. Free forms, often referring to Scandinavian designs, but also "Fantasy" pipes which don't fit to any category. All pipes of the Eld line show a smooth surface.
  • La Mignonne line. Also smooth surfaces only. La Mignonne pipes reflect classical period English and French shapes.
  • Deerstalker line. The Deerstalker line includes classical shapes of English, Danish and French descent as well as free forms. Deerstalkers are partially or completly sand-blasted.

Once again: all pipes by Richard Baggenstos are 100% hand-made! Being a perfectionist he pays highest attention to achieve the best graining possible. All borings and the finish of the surfaces are worked out to perfection. Because briar however is a product of nature, smaller inclusions (spots) cannot be anticipated. However fills of any kind are never used.

Last, not least, Richard Baggenstos is also co-founder - and now vice-president - of Pfeifenclub Innerschwyz (Pipe Club Innerschwyz), established officially on August 2nd, 2006 by five young pipe enthusiasts.


E-mail: mailto:schweizer.kunsthandwerk@gmail.com