Wombaroo Pipes

Wombaroo Pipes by Marty Simm

Marty Simm about himself:

"Few years back I was traveling through Copenhagen. Sitting in an outdoor cafe, I suddenly ran out of cigarettes. As there happened to be a Danish pipe shop next door, I decided to go there, to get some smokes.

Before entering, I noticed a very nice Hans Christian Andersen pipe on the front window. So, in I went, bought some cigarettes and the very same pipe too. Later in the evening, I tried my new pipe, and was pleasantly surprised. This made me to go back next day to buy couple of more pipes.

Back in Toronto with my new pipe collection, the interest about the pipes kept growing. I surfed through lots of websites and this led me to Chicago Pipe Show. In May 2004 I traveled to Chicago for the first time and watched the Lee von Erck pipe-making seminar. This experience became a real ground breaker.

For the next two years I attended the seminar and learned the skills needed to practically make pipes. Then I set up a little workshop in my basement and started to make some pipes of my own.

Since then, it has been my main hobby and I thoroughly enjoy it every day.

My great appreciation goes out to all pipe-makers, who have been kind enough to spare their time to share their skills and knowledge with me.

I hope you enjoy smoking my pipes as much I enjoy making them."

Marty Simm
P.O.Box 60018
Etobicoke, Ontario M9A 5G2

Phone: 1 - 416 - 236 - 5098
E-mail: info@wombaroopipes.com
Website: Wombaroo Pipes