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Victor Yashtylov Pipe Atelier

Victor Yashtylov
Smooth Acorn with olive wood, courtesy smokingpipes.com
Smooth Bent Egg, courtesy smokingpipes.com
Blasted Calabash Poker with olive wood, courtesy smokingpipes.com

About maker

When I decided to make changes in my website I decided to change the text in this part of the site too. The text that was there before was really bulky, that's why I've tried to write my thoughts shorter. The decision about pipe carving for the sale was not easy-coming for me and it took much time to realize it. It was a new business for me that cost me too many efforts without any immediate results, but this site is the witness of my positive decision and I never have any regrets about this. I think that the creativity in mine nature always nudged me subconsciously to this art and I always have paternalistic feelings to my new pipe from the design stage to entailment, in spite of the dusty second stage. In long and difficult searching of my own style and creating the best pipe I try to re-interpret the great experience accumulated by generations of pipe-makers and the modern tendentiousness in this art. My basic and main longing is directed on searching for combination of functional and artistic values, comfort and elegance, practical and esthetic shape. The purpose of this searching is a creation of the pipe with the complete match of all this features. And briar is the material with its own temper, also, created by mother-nature like a masterpiece itself. It was founded for pipe-carving in the 19th century and it is still the best material for this. Possessing not only necessary heat-resistant characteristics, briar is also a material that carry probably one of the most beautiful wood structure allowing by means of own texture to emphasize natural beauty of the pipe, create volume, add exquisiteness and fill the sense to the pipe created by hands of a master.

As for me there is no thing to compare with a qualitative made, well balanced, proportional and beautiful pipe which suit to it owner and bring him great pleasure. That is the main purpose of pipe making for me.


Pipe Atelier Yashtylov was founded in spring of 2005. In this atelier you are able to by not only a ready-made pipe, but even to order a pipe based on your own sketches, to embody your preferences and point of view. Also, you can order a copy of your favorite pipe if it was stolen or lost. Next services are available: pipe restoration, shank repair, cleaning and renewal of the tobacco chambers, new stems making. The time of the order execution depends of business and varies from 1 to 2 months.


It is possible to create high-end pipe using only the best materials in work - it is main principle for me when I carve a pipe. In this moment I prefer to work with 3 years seasoned briar plateaus from Corsica and Spain and I am going to start working with 10 years seasoned briar from Algeria. For the most part of stems I use A" mark ebonite, but it is possible to make stems of acryl, cumberland and artificial amber.


I use 1000 grit abrasive paper for buffing the pipe bowls and 1200 grit abrasive paper when I make a contrast finish, carnauba wax for polishing. I polish a tobacco chamber with 600 grit paper. The inside diameter of draught-hole varies from 2.8 mm to 4.5 mm and depends of customer's preferences or pipe construction. Air holes in all my stems are cone-shaped and changing from 4 mm to 2.5 mm in a bit. The bit is 16-18 mm width and thickness about 3.5-4 mm. I try to make a spread-cone slit as deep as it is possible in all my stems.

You have a possibility to order the pipe you want sending us a sketch or a photo of this pipe and make a 50% or 100% payment. Making an order in the Pipe Atelier allows you to use to the best advantage of your own preferences in the pipe design and engineering. It is available to determine next features: the size of the tobacco chamber, briar grain direction on the pipe bowl and it color for your wish, draught-hole and air-hole diameters, shape of a stem with 6 or 9 mm filter or without it; the width, height and the thickness of the bit for more comfortable holding the stem in a mouth.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/viktor.yashtylov
Email: mailto:pipeatelier@mail.ru