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My name is Zhesong Li and I live in Suzhou in Jiansu province. In 2012,I left my career as an architect to be a full time pipe-maker. I get my inspiration from masters of classical pipes like Bo Nordh and Jess Chonowitsch and from what I see in their works I try to create my own style. I strive to improve my skills in engineering and in a design of my own.

I hope that you like my pipes and I would be most happy if you can could find a pipe to enjoy smoking in here.

I maninly choose briars form Calabria and Corsica.Material for stems are hand cut acrylic vulcantie and cumberland producted in Germany.For ornamental accessories ,I strive to use combine natural textures and materials.

Being affected by Suzhou traditional handicraft(蘇作), I advocates simplicity, nature, compactness and delicacy. To strive to combine with natural texture of materials, the pipes are freestyle or traditional shape made by freehand.

Production 100~120 pipes/year

Contact Information:

Zhesong Li
Email: lamy1982@gmail.com