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Archaggelos Handmade Smoking pipes

No. 26 Canadian

I make Handmade Archaggelos pipes in order to achieve the best possible result for smokers.As a pipe smoker I want my pipes to smoke cool, with good air flow and their with their drilling to allow them to smoke a big variety tobaccos and blends.

I made them mostly of briar burl, the best wood to make a smoking pipe, because of it's burn resistance and it's beautiful grain.I use only Greek air cured briar from 6 to 25 years old, in order to have perfect and dry wood, and acrylic or ebonite from German to make the stems.

If there is anything that I can guarantee, is their great smoking, cause aged, dried briar and perfect drilling are requirements that every pipe must have. I love classic shapes and their modern conversions, so I intend to study and make all those shapes. Till then my makings are shown in "Pipes" column, sorted to straights, half-bents and bents shapes.

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