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From Axel's Website:

Axel Reichert.jpg

Dear fellow pipe lovers,

My name is Axel Reichert and I would like to offer you a very warm welcome for visiting my website.

Axel Reichert Pipe01.jpg

My dream of producing and building my own range of pipes began in the very small part of Germany known as the Saarland, an area not far from the border between Luxembourg and Germany.

Would you like to know how this idea came about?

It was my innermost wish to learn the art of manufacturing pipes, since I have always wanted to design, own and build my own personal pipe. I eventually decided to enter into the pipe manufacturing trade. I began by establishing contact with other fellow pipe manufacturers and by taking courses with Rainer Barbi.

In doing so I am continually expanding and developing my knowledge.

I have been producing only exclusive and high-quality original hand-made pieces since 1998.

Axel Reichert Pipe02.jpg

I attach a great deal of importance to the range of choice from only the best briar wood and I only use Plateau-wood of the very highest quality. These types of wood are chosen by myself in the sawmill.

Axel Reichert Pipe03.jpg

To produce such a high level of quality, several different materials are used for the decoration, for example, high grade wood, ivory, horn etc. The mouthpieces are finished exclusively with vulcanite/ebonite due to their practicality for biting. The pipe will be built exclusively to the customer's taste, either with or without a filter.

I will create a durable shiny finish and I will constantly check and improve every single item, in order to provide the best hand-made pipe possible. A "Reichert pipe" which is filled will not be found.

It can take up to 25 hours to manufacture a pipe, depending on the model concerned. Only a limited number of unique pieces are handmade each year, since I manufactured them myself in my spare time.

Moreover, I would like to mention that the logo is lasered into the wood after manufacture of the pipe.

Axel Reichert Logo.gif
Axel Reichert
Zum Schotzberg 17
66663 Merzig, Germany

Telephone: 06861-780382
Website: Axel Reichert