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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

German brand by Klaus-Dieter Billerbeck, who retired after 42 years as a police inspector, and has made pipes since 1989. Self-taught, this artisan almost exlusicely produces freehands.

Freehand, courtesy Pipephil
Klaus-Dieter Billerbeck, courtesy Pipephil

"I design thm according to my most intimate thoughts, giving them the shape I consider most appealing. They are unique and an art form", he says. He works alone, accepts commissions based on customer designs and argues that "time is far too precious to waste on smoking a bad pipe". He uses briar from Greece and France, and ebonite stems, creating 120 to 140 pipes a year, which come with a matching tamper. Main markets: Germany and Astria.

Klaus-Dieter Billerbeck has published various works on tobaco museums in Europe and is a member of the "Universal Coterie of Pipe Smokers". Pipes are marked Bill

Bills Pfeifenhaus

Klaus-Dieter Billerbeck
Treptower Str. 134
22147 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0)40 6474700
Website: Bills Pfeifenhaus