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Quoted from Brian Kalnitz' website:

Courtesy Doug Valitchka
A nice assortment of Kalnitz pipes, courtesy Doug Valitchka

"I just want to take a few minutes to explain the process Brian uses in the making of all of his pipes. None, I repeat, none of Brian's pipes are machined or turned on a lathe and as such, no two are alike. Brian starts with choice pieces of Mediterranean Plateau Briar. After cutting the rough shape on a band saw, Brian sands and grinds the pipes into the desired shapes. The bore hole and airways are hand drilled and finished and fitted with vulcanite stems. Rough sanding is followed by fine hand sanding and in certain cases carving. There are no fills in Brians pipes, what is there is the wood in its natural form. Sanding if followed either by staining, waxing and polishing, or just applying a coat of caranuba wax and allowing the natural color and grain to show through.

Brian's pipes are truly pieces of art, and he is one of the few carvers left that does not use a lathe to shape his pieces. I have watched Brian carve pipes and it is truly and enjoyable experience seeing a pipe develop out of a plain block of wood."

Brian Kalnitz is also the owner of Smoker's Haven pipe & tobacco shop in West Seneca, NY. (Smoker's Haven, 1167 Union Road, West Seneca, NY 14224, phone 716-675-6195)

Brian Kalnitz is the son of Milton Brian Kalnitz who is the owner and resident pipemaker of Bellezia (Buffalo, New York), where David Kalnitz, the third generation of this family learning to make pipes, also works.

Smokers Haven of the Southtowns 1167 Union Rd West Seneca, NY 14224 716-675-6195 info@smokershavenwny.com

Website: Brian Kalnitz
E-mail: info@BrianKalnitz.com