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Luciano Catini
Bent Pipe with Silver Ring
Magnum Half Bent Pipe


Since 1977 Luciano Catini is a pipe maker and produces handcrafted smoking pipes to satisfy the desire to fully realize with own hands these objects and to fully satisfy their taste for smoking. Beginning, its products was collected from him or gave as a gift to friends who still share with Luciano his passion and the art of smoking a pipe. "A hobby like any other" said Luciano, not knowing that is one of the few persons to play this activity.

Luciano Catini is also president of the Pipe Cigar Club of Fermo, in Italy.

Now his best creations, unique and valuable pipes are for sale in the official website.

Contact Inforamtion

Website: CatiniPipe
Blog: CatiniPipe's Blog
Via Galvani, 37
63023 FERMO (FM)
 Tel: +39 3382062246