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Christie Pipes

Christie Pipes are handmade by Pipemaker Eric C. Christie. Each one of Mr. Christie's pipes are made with a customer in mind, from the conservative to the extravagant and at prices you can afford. These pipes are made one by one and not mass-produced, Eric Christie puts a personal touch to all his work and if it's not good-enough to be in his own personal collection it never leaves his shop.

Freeform, from the Christie Pipes Website
Algerian Dublin, from the Christie Pipes Website

Eric Christie was the apprentice of one of America's highest rated pipemakers, Richard C. Johnson. Mr. Johnson started making pipes in 1939 in Jersey City for Weber Pipe Co. just one year after Carl Weber started the Company.

Eric Christie studied under Mr. Johnson's watchful eye for three years in the early 1980's. Day in and day out Mr. Johnson taught Eric the art of pipe making. Six days a week for three years if there was something to teach Eric was listening, watching and doing. Although Mr. Christie persued other careers he always did specialty work and repairs for his Father's store. It was when one of his fathers oldest customers, that had moved away, called and asked if Eric would be interested in doing repairs for the local pipe shop in his new town. Insisting that the person he wanted to repair his pipes was the person that he could trust to do the job right the first time. So in 1995 Eric Christie decided to offer his Repair Services and Handmade Pipes to other Pipe Shops. Before this you were only able to benefit from his crafted skills if you happened to be a customer at his fathers store.

Eric Christie Handmade Pipes & Repairs
30 North Grant Street
Waynesboro, Pennsylvania 17268