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Domenico Romeo "MIMMO" Courtesy of

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Son of Filippo Romeo, well known briar cutter, I grew up spending my free time in the sawmill or with my father who, since I was a child, has taken me to inspect stocks of burls of briar in France, Italy, etc.

When I was 18, after college, I decided to begin the profession of my father. After about four years I was an experienced briar cutter, although I felt within me the wish to produce something more than a semi-finished block of briar, although a complicated and hard profession. So, in a corner of the sawmill, I tried to drill and shape some pieces of briar into pipes, and I tried to join mouthpieces. The result was absolutely awful, but the desire continued to stay in me.

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I've always visited pipe factories, thanks to my profession as a briar cutter; only 10 years ago I found the direction to follow to produce my pipes, thanks to a meeting with Teddy Knudsen who used to visit me to buy briar for his pipes.

A strong friendship was born with him and I showed him my desire to learn how to make my own pipes. He told me: "You know the briar better than anyone; you must learn how to drill with skill and then you'll be free to read the "patter" of the briar as you like". So, after ten days in Denmark, I equipped a real workshop in a corner of my sawmill and I started to create and produce pipes.

Each piece is unique; I use only briar that has seasoned for three years. Mouthpieces are completely handmade, with rods of German ebonite or cumberland, considered the best material on the market. I take a lot of care to ensure harmony between the bowl of the pipe and the mouthpiece, to create a unique object, both elegant and functional at the same time.

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