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Don Florian pipes are made by Matteo Stefani, who writes the following:

I was born near Venice in 1971. in 1992 I have started smoking pipes, while I was preparing my law exams: I was a student so my pipes were cheap pipes of unknown brands; for some years I did not smoke pipes anymore. In 2002 I became a Lawyer, and in 2004 I have started collecting hi level pipes as Dunhill, S Bang, Bo Nordh, Tom Eltang, Karl Joura, Winslow, Barbi, Castello, Don Carlos, Mastro de Paja, Ser Jacopo, Viprati, L'Anatra, Cavicchi, Amorelli, Moretti, Fiamma di Re, Jacono, Beker, Rinaldo, Tom Spanu and many others. In 2005 I tried to carve my first pipes for myself, and I have broken many before getting the first good one. Since 2008 I have started carving pipes for my self and for my best friends. I use only extra extra grade briar plateaux, minimum 5 years seasoned, from Calabria and Corsica, taking only the external part of plateaux: the oldest and the hardest (on the freeshape and monumental I let the top raw to show this). To carve my pipes I don't use any rotative tools, but only rasp and grinding paper (from 80 to 800 gr.) About the finishing: only carnauba wax, no colors,no other waxes, nothing else

ABOUT THE brand: in the garden of my Old Country House there is a little Church with some relics of Saint Florian (a Roman Soldier) , and I carve the pipes near this church, in peace with me and with the world.

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