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The name "Enricoro" is a contraction of his first name Enrico and the word “orologiaio”, his profession, as he’s a clock maker with a master‘s degree. This nickname was created years ago by a befriended pipemaker who was also his source of inspiration to begin to carve pipes. Ingeniously his logo is a clock work bushing made of brass.

Marola is age 48 now, happily married and has two sons. He’s smoking the pipe for thirty years and beside working with briar his biggest passions are his family and long walks in the mountains.

The briar is personally chosen from saw-mills of his trust. As he says, his pipes are made to be smoked and thus they are simple, uncomplicated pipes and not odd objects, one hardly dares to take in his hand. True and reliable companions. To shape his pipes he only uses files, pumice, emery cloth and a lot of passion. The shapes don’t get predefined – Marolo works guided by the inspiration of the moment. He loves and prefers the classic shapes for their functional simplicity but doesn’t omit to give each of them a personal touch. No Enricoro pipe equals another. He doesn’t want to get hooked on standardization and it pleases him to think that each pipe is something like a snap-shop of his work.

The finishes are done using only a light as possible touch of coloring to accentuate the grain and the polishing is done with natural lotions to allow the briar to breathe and provide a sweet and fresh smoke.

Enricoro Pipe
Enrico Marola
IT - 13100 Vercelli (Vercelli / Piemonte)

Site: www.enricoropipe.com [1]