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Hi, I'm Alex Goojvin... a pipe carver.

Since my teens I was fascinated with tobacco pipes, the infinite shapes and sizes where mesmerizing. I started making pipe for myself in 2010. I had made close to 50 pipes, and never thought they were good enough for sale. Actually I had never even thought about making and selling pipes. One day a few friends saw the pipes on my rack, and were really impressed. They kept asking me where I had purchased them. When I told them that I made them all, they were amazed. (they are simple folk) ; ) So I sold them 6 of the pipes that day.

All my pipes are unique. All hand crafted, and shaped. No two pipes are alike. Even when a customer asks for a specific pipe, I tell them that it will not be the same, similar, but not the same. Its not because I can't duplicate them. Its that I don't want to duplicate them. I want each piece to be original, and unique.

I do not own or use a lathe. To me a lathe is too automated, and it takes the fun out of pipe making. I shape my pipes on a shaping wheel.

Why "Fat Bastard" you ask? It was a nick name given to me in high school... long story. But, the name fits well with my pipes. Most of them are bastardly big. So there you go.

I use Italian briar wood, and black cherry wood. most of my yy bigger pipes are made with cherry wood, because I can get bigger wood blocks. I also like cherry wood because it's less dense, and very easy to work with, and is half the weight of briar, which makes bigger pipes easier to hold in the mouth. But briar has it's place and most of my pipes are made with briar.

Even though pipe making is a passion of mine, I don't make pipes full time. I create 20-30 pipes per month. All my pipes are affordably priced, and they are available for sale, or custom order from my website at http://www.FatBastardPipes.com

If you have any question please contact me, alex@FatBastardPipes.com

You can also visit me on FaceBook, and see pipe presentation on my YouTube Channel.

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