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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

Tony Fillenwarth , from Mazon , Illinois, started making pipes in his spare time--Freehands with original and exotic shapes. Today he makes 100 pipes a year, some in olive wood. He works with Greeka dn Algerian briar, and uses acrylic, ebonite, and cumberland stems. Stamp: Fillenwarth / USA.

Rustication Chubby, courtesy
Partial Rustication, courtesy

Tony Fillenwarth about himself:

"I live in Mazon, Illinois which is a small town about one hour south of Chicago. I work a full time job and make pipes in my spare time. Pipe production for the year will be less than 75. My first pipe was made from a pipe kit I bought on eBay. Once I finished that first pipe I knew I would be making pipes for the rest of my life. I was completely hooked and I set about learning all I could about pipe making. I think learning new things and trying out different ideas are some of my favorite elements of pipe making. The possibilities are endless."

Wax Drip, courtesy

Contact Infomation:

Tony Fillenwarth
Mazon, Illinois 60444

Website: Fillenwarth Pipes