Flemming Jakobsen

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A selection of Flemming Jakobsen pipes is available at CIGARWORLD, a new Pipedia Underwriter

Flemming Jakobsen, born in 1957, has been making pipes since 2012. He is based in Svendborg, which puts him in good company. The pipe-making legends Tao, Poul Ilsted and Manduela also come from this charming town with 27,000 inhabitants.

Incidentally, one of the most important employers in Svendborg is Mac Baren, for whom Flemming works professionally as a tobacco tester.

Flemming Jakobsen's pipes have an unmistakable "Svendborg style", and you can clearly see borrowings from Ilsted or Tao. He is particularly fond of Bulldogs, Rhodesians and Facets. At the same time, his pipes are on a level of craftsmanship that is second to none.

For what is offered, the pipes are also available at an excellent price-performance ratio. Connoisseurs say "still", because his pipes experience an extremely positive echo in the USA, China and Japan.

All pipes have no filter drilling and a handcut mouthpiece made of Cumberland or black ebonite.

The pipes are stamped "Jakobsen Piben/ Handlavet/ Danmark". Courtesy of CIGARWORLD.de>"