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Frank Stollenwerk was born in 1977 in Aachen and grew up in Simmerath in the northern part of the Eifel mountain region. He went to Marburg to study pedagogic sciences and left the university with a diploma. Currently he is working at a world-famous German institute which provides rehablitation, training courses and schooling for blind people, the Deutsche Blindenstudienanstalt.

Being an avid pipe smoker (and btw a collector of elder Stanwell pipes), Frank began with the restauration of estate pipes back in his days at the university. Going from that, he wanted to make a pipe by himself and bought some pre-drilled pipe kits with moulded mouthpieces. Pipemaking soon became one of his hobbies - the talent was obviously.

His early efforts around 2004/2005 suffered from meager equipment and the workshop in his house in Michelbach was not heatable. Despite this circumstances Frank turned out fine pipes, which proved to be real good smokers.

Meanwhile he was able to build up a more convenient shop. He's offering smooth, rusticated and partially rusticated pipes. The next big step will be a sandblasting facility. Frank invested a lot of time improving his skills and today's pipes display increasing elegance and finely defined lines.

Some pipes are made for the use of 9mm filters, which are common in some European countries and in Taiwain. He uses only Italian briar and the mouthpieces are handcut from German ebonite rods. Acrylic mouthpieces (on demand) are not handcut. For bamboo pipes, he uses special tenons made of stainless steel to fit the bamboo to the bowl and to the mouthpiece.

Frank doesn't use a grading system yet. His pipes are marked with a stylized "F" inside a circle.

In 2007 Frank contributed to the unique "Rauchzeichen" project which united 8 german pipemakers to produce two stunning 7-day-sets, the first one with classic and the second one with freehand shapes. Please use the following links for further information.

Frank Stollenwerk
Michelbacher Str. 42
D - 35041 Marburg
Phone: ++49 (0)6420 821234
Homepage: Frank-Pfeifen (English version)
Homepage: Frank-Pfeifen (Deutsche Version)