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I used to make violins to satisfy my artsy side, but they didn't smoke worth a darn and I kept melting the G string trying to light it up.

Frederick Garlinghouse, who found these humorous words, is no longer with us. As his daughter Lori Rathbun announced: "On August 7th of 2006 my father, Frederick Garlinghouse, passed away from a battle with Burkitts Lymphoma. He leaves behind many treasured memories as well as his legacy of pipes. It was his wish that I continue his website Frederick G Pipes and offer his wonderful creations to you."

The artisan about himself:

"I am 63 years old and have been a pipe puffer for approximately 45 years. I love the puttsyness (is that a real word?) of pipe smoking... the ceremony, so to speak. Over the years I grew tired of buying name brand pipes and being disappointed in their looks and performance. I knew what I wanted, but was never really able to find it. Since my hands were already crafty and skilled enough to create violins, I decided that I could blend my two passions together and make the "perfect pipe". So with the use of a drill press, two good hands and a dash of artistic temperament, I entered the world of hand crafted briar wood pipe making and haven't stopped smiling yet.

I have received many tips and encouragement from Tim West over the years and get most of my wood from him as well, though I do some work in exotic hardwoods as special orders.

My artsy nature loves beautiful things and I try my best to create each piece to be as beautiful as I can possibly make it. I also want it to smoke well. That means I want each pipe to draw easily and stay lit well. I don't want it to commit arson on my tongue when I lite up. I have my own my own ideas on how to get what I want but basically, I follow the energy and natural influences in each block of good wood, drill shape carefully and finish to a mirror shine.

I'm originally from Duluth, Minnesota and began really smoking pipes in the hay day of "Edwards Pipe Shop" and fell in love with them. It's a love affair that has lasted for 45 years and is still going strong. I currently live in Carthage, Tennessee up in a "holler", as they say down here, and love the peace and quiet.

As a trained musician, I enjoy kicking back with my pipe and losing myself in Beethoven, Berlioz, Brahms, Bach, Britton or any other of these old "B's". After two heart attacks and four way bypass, making pipes is about all I can do these days... so as I make them, you can find them here. They are my children, my expressions, my passion and I look forward to sharing them with you."

Frederick G Pipes
Lori Rathbun
Colorado Springs, CO 80907
Phone: 719 - 651 - 6768