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This table of contents is meant to give you an overview on brands & makers which are registered so far and to allow a quick access. To read an article please click on the links in blue color. Note: Articles with no content yet are indicated in red color! You can easily start a new article by clicking on the red links and editing the page. Brands & makers appearing in black color provide information in short form.

La Bruyère Pipe making company as joint venture of Chacom and ?; 1932 - 1957
La Normandy Pierre Morel & Son
Lacroix Jean Lacroix; since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Lanier Paul Lanier
Lavanpol ???
Le Chevalier ???
Le Roi
Longchamp Jean Cassegrain
Ma Colombe Jean Masson
Maida Vale ???
Majestic CGF Paris
Marechal Ruchon & Cie. See GBD
Melan Pipe Melan Pipe - Thierry MELAN
Mercier Private label brand or P. Mercier, Paris.
Morel Pierre Morel
Mr. Hyde Pipes Handmade Smoking Pipes. Made in France by the hands of a Brazilian.
Neuve ???
Nicolas Jean Nicolas
Noxx-all St. Claude, purchased by Jeantet
Nevada ???
Newcastle Once a second of Comoy's, now made by Chacom. Design by Yves Grenard.
Nomy St. Claude
Paul Viou Paul Viou is a fictional name. Brand of Genod.
Perrin Pipe Perrin, Saint-Claude - Maker unknown!
Peter Piper Obsolete brand by GBD in Paris
Piazzolla Pascal Piazzolla
Pierre Cardin "Designer pipes" - the namesake Pierre Cardin is a famous couturier and designer.
Pierre Lamy Brand with free forms and lucite stems
Pipe de Roi André Bourgeois
PLM Maker unknown!
President Maker unknown!
Prior Sub-brand / Second by GOC
Radford's Pipes Private label pipes made by Chacom for Pöschl Tabak GmbH & Co. KG, Germany
Rattray's Pipes Rattray's Original Scotlande made in various and some of the oldest companies (in europe)
Reybier Bernard Reybier
Romain Claude Romain
Ropp Owned by Chacom since 1994
Royal Ascot ???; Budget pipe
Ryegate ???; stamped "French Briar - Made In France"
ST Claude JP on stem
S.T. Dupont de Paris Made by Chacom
Saville ???
Sébilo Patrice Sébilo
Talbert Pipes Trever Talbert (United States, now France)
The Royal Coachman Private label brand of "The Tinder Box", USA. Made by Chacom
Tom Thumb Very small - stamped real briar
Vincent Roger Vincent
Vuillard Henri Vuillard & Cie. Since 1987 Cuty Fort Group
Vuillermoz et Goujon Brands: Aerator, Dr. Scott, Normandie, Oceana, Phonix, Ventil, VRG
Waille See EWA Pipe
Wessex Originally a brand of Hall & Fitzgerald Co. Made by Chacom
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