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Example, courtesy Mark Bialzik

Michael J. Frey (afak) made pipes at least since the early 1980's in Lockport, NY. Frey was a student of Michael Butera and, much like his mentor, kept his volume low, and the quality high. The execution of his pipes is described as superb... Fit, finish, and engineering as all first rate. The logo is actually ivory and silver. His pipes mainly followed the classical shapes.

When PCI pipe shows became a venue of pipe makers to sell directly, Frey made an attempt to establish himself as a full-time carver but he had to realize soon he couldn't make a living selling pipes in such a small venue. He is said to be retired and not making pipes anymore. Prices for unsmoked estates may exceed $500.

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Michael J. Frey
6243 Hamm Rd.
Lockport, NY 14094-6403

Tel.: (716) 434-0864