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Holger Haettich is the maker of HhPipes. He makes freehands. A mechanical engineer by profession, pipes are side activity which began in 1985, with Holger starting to sell his pieces four years later. He works with briar from France, Italy, and Greece, and uses ebonite, acrylic, and cumberland stems. He regularly takes part in fairs and exhibitions and makes 50 pipes a year.[1]

Grading (ascending): R, SR/RS, SR1/RS1, SR2/RS2, B, B1, B2, S, to S8, and SX.

Stamp: "Unikate"


Contact Information

Holger Haettich
Kirchenallee 5
21244 Buchholz-Sprötze

Telefon: 0171 4702840
E-Mail:  mailto:hhpipes@aol.com
Website: https://www.hhpipes.de/


  1. From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by José Manuel Lopes