Jørgen Dam

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Danish pipemaker Jørgen Dam is one of the hidden treasures of Danish pipemaking. He is not well-known for several reasons. First, he worked for a long time as a police officer in the city of Gentofte, one of Copenhagen's suburban areas, and spent most his daytime hours there. Then, when he did make pipes, he did it primarily for Bjarne Pipes (like Søren Refbjerg, Johs Pipes and others) where the pipes were marked with Bjarne’s stamp.

Bjarne from Bjarne Pipes was strict. The pipemakers were only allowed to make pipes for him – he delivered the briar wood and other materials, but they could not take in other retailers or brands. The only exception was that they could sell ‘work shop’ pipes locally. Jørgen Dam did this occasionally, and it is interesting to follow the trail from his pipes, because if one finds them as estates, they are primarily found in Gentofte where he worked and up to north of Zealand in Denmark where he lived in the city Espergærde. His pipes followed him, so to speak.

Pipes from Jørgen Dam are marked JD, Denmark.