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Drawing, Courtesy Hank Saatchi
Drawing, Courtesy Hank Saatchi

An Engineer by trade, an Artist by natural talent, Uwe Jopp has all the right tools and qualities to carve a decent pipe. But he does create some incredible smoking instruments that are way much better than just decent. They are beautiful art pieces to look at and precise with their inner mechanics to ensure optimum smoking experience. He is quite possibly the next Rainer Barbi.

A native of the historic State of Saxony, Germany, Uwe Jopp spent the earlier years of his career as a civil engineer in designing and constructing of buildings. Along the way, he got into the hobby of wood turning, which eventually lead to his curiosity in pipe making in 2003. From early on, Uwe had the vision that the flexible drill bits could help him carve better draft holes with bent pipes and allow him to come up with more dramatic and eye catching designs. The initial results were satisfactory to his customers’ and to his own expectations, in terms of cooler smoking experience and strikingly sharp looking designs. Today, the results are at the mastery level and his unique signature shapes such as the Flowfish and the Saxonian Cobra are highly desired among the collectors.

All Jopp pipes are fully handmade, by the carver himself, with hand picked, high quality briar.

The grading of Uwe Jopp pipes, in ascending order:

  • “Hand Made”
  • 2 Diamonds
  • 3 Diamonds
  • 4 Diamonds
  • 5 Diamonds
  • 5 Diamonds with Crown


Contact Information

Uwe Jopp
Harthaer Str. 15
01738 Dorfhain

Phone: +49 (0)35055 63056