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Pebbled Brandy Lovat by Bob Kiess, courtesy, Smokers Haven, 65th Anniversary set
Dr. Bob Kiess, courtesy,
Cover of Pipes and Tobacco Magazine featuring Dr. Bob, Winter 2018

Dr. Robert C. Kiess was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and first discovered the joys of pipe smoking while attending Medical School in New York at Columbia University. He now resides in Massachusetts running his practice in Family Medicine and making pipes.

Several years ago, Dr. Kiess discovered a pipemaking book, and then attended Al Bair's two-day apprentice course. A pipemaker was born! After attending a few pipeshows and pipe club meetings, Dr. Kiess wanted to learn more. He spent several days in J.M. Boswell's workshop experiencing another valuable lesson. The only skill he was missing now was silver work. Fortunately, he was able to chat with another great pipe maker, Rolando Negoita, and was able to learn the skills necessary to make and fit Silver Bands to his pipes.

Kiess Pipes are made from top quality Grecian and Italian briar. The stamping is inspired by the 911 events. Kiess wanted to make an American statement and thus the Patriot, Heritage, and Ambassador series. The colored dots of red, white, and blue on the bit reflect the American flag. Patriot is the basic series any pipe smoker can have while the Heritage series reflects a higher grade and the Ambassador series is the highest grade worthy of global recognition. Kiess uses a very unique rustication on some of his pipes. The detail and time spent on the process shows the care he puts into each and every pipe.

Dr. Bob Kiess is an avid Pipe Smoker, Pipe Collector, and very talented Pipe Maker. He lives and makes pipes in Vermont. Several years ago he retired from medicine and more active pipe making as well as other pursuits.

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