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Kuziel Pipes

The artist about himself:

"Paul Kuziel, Artist, Photographer & Craftsman, born in 1968 in New Haven, Connecticut. Paul has always been a perfectionist and showed creative talent from an early age with his drawings. He found out that a good horse sketch was the way to a young girl’s heart. Paul went on to do a lot of watercolors of landscapes and by the time he was 13 he was selling his work and had plans to attend art school. Paul attended Paier College of Art in Hamden, CT. As Paul’s focus turned to a family and raising children his art took a back seat. Eventually Paul took up photography as a creatvie outlet and a way to document his travels. His images have been liscenced to major local retailers and are sold as far away as Alaska.

Paul has a quirky personality that has always led him in various directions. Once Paul gets a vision in his head he can not sleep or give anyone a moment’s peace until he makes his vision reality. Because Paul is a perfectionist he has a difficult time seeing someone else make something he thinks he can give a different twist to. He has made cigar humidors, chinese garden bells from helium tanks, figurines out of tree stumps, canes his own chairs and has made endless halloween costumes for his children.

Paul has collected Pipes from all over the world and has something special to say about each one he owns. One day Paul kept seeing a vision in his head and after sketching endless versions on papertowels he finally decided he could make a pipe. Like so much of what Paul does, it is not just an object to be made, it is a piece of art. He sees something, like a flower, and the next thing you know it has taken shape in his head and develops into something unique, it just so happens that you can smoke this piece of art.

Paul still lives in East Haven, CT just a few miles from where he grew up. He is married with two children, two dogs and cat. His house is filled with his art work and various projects he has completed over the years."

Paul Kuziel
East Haven, Connecticut

Phone: 203 988 8832
E-mail: pbkuziel@comcast.net
Website: Kuziel Pipes