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Lacroix Pipes have a rich history of pipe making tradition and the brand was started in 1962. Eugine Lacroix began making pipes for the Delacour factory in the 19th century; his sons founded their own factory in 1921.

Lavroix Workshop, courtesy Doug Valitchka

Two of the grandsons (including Jean) continued on in the business, but parted ways and struck out on their own in 1962. At that time, Jean set up Jean Lacroix pipes, coincidentally in the old Delacour building his grandfather started in 85 years prior. Today, Jean Lacroix, Chacom, Jeantet, and Vuillard are all pieces of the larger Cuty-Fort Enterprises, and Jean is actively involved with the prestigious Confrérie des maîtres-pipiers de Saint-Claude. Jean still makes pipes; his spectacular freehands are known throughout the world. The model named "Nizza" De Luxe is made by him with scripted stamp showing his name (hard to read!). Jean Lacroix sometimes marked Maitre Pipier a Saint-Claude.