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Tom Leedy is a very versatile and creative American pipemaker out of Clayton, OH.

Compilation courtesy Doug Valitchka
Tom Leedy Ultra Freehand, courtesy tomleedypipes.com
Tom Leedy Sweetstick Freehand, courtesy tomleedypipes.com

Leedy pipes are always freehand with no lathe work involved. The designs are mostly unique, though some are clearly inspired by the old danish masters, though most find no match in past and present designs. The mechanics of the pipe are carefully considered, The natural carnauba finish sitter pipes are especially prized. All pipes are made by hand, and various types of wood are used in his creations such as imported briar, some American fruitwoods and olive wood.

A variety of finishes are used to enhance the already unique and sometimes straight from the classics designs and styles that have made Leedy pipes grow in popularity.

Contact information:

Tom Leedy Pipes
Clayton, OH 45415
E-mail: mailto:info@tomleedypipes.com
Website: Tom Leedy Pipes