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Philip S. DeFant, owner of Marchetti Pipes provides highly esteemed cleaning and rejuvenation services. As well the name is used for his fine handcrafted pipes made one at a time in limited quantities. Marchetti Pipes mix American, Italian & Danish pipe maker influences to craft it's original style.

The name Marchetti comes from Phil's grandfather, Philip Marketty, which was originally the spelled, Marchetti, before immigrating to America as stone cutters to work in the mines in Northern Michigan. Mr. Marketty was a pipe collector and iron miner in Michigan's Upper Penninsula town of Negaunee, Marquette County. Phil's pipes took his grandfather's name in tribute to the love of pipes his grandfather shared with him as a young boy during visits with his pipe collection.

Asked "Which young carvers would you consider the most promising worldwide?" in an interview in November of 2003, Lee von Erck (→ von Erck) answered: "The young North American makers are those I know the best, not having seen many new young Europeans. Michael Parks from Canada and Phil DeFant (Marchetti Pipes) are the two that come to mind."

Lee has been Phil's mentor in pipemaking, knowing him since he was in school and a hockey player on a team Lee coached. (Lee also attended school next his mother in Negaunee, MI.) Phil spent time at Lee's workshop whenever he could get home for vacation. After every visit, so Lee, there was a quantum leap forward in Phil's work. Not only his designs, but in his overall quality. If you look close at Phil's pipes you can, of course, see von Erck's influence on his work. Phil also joined him on a trip to Japan in early 2000 where his pipes were welcomed very friendly. The majority of Phil's pipes sold to the Japan market through Reiji Hachiro's Pipedo store prior to closure.

Phil and his wife Jennifer welcomed their first son in June 2007, Liam Oliver. The DeFant's family life has grown to busy to carry on the pipe business with the same level of quality & attention to detail at this time. Phil & Jennifer are known to produce one off custom pipes as special requests for past Marchetti Pipe customers.

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