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Mark Stewart got his start in real estate in the Philadelphia area, financing, managing and developing substantial commercial real estate. During that time, he also launched Sports Management, Inc., through which he acted as a sports agent to some truly legendary names. After a his career, however, he retired to the mountains of Brevard, North Carolina and to a true passion of making and repairing pipes and being an active and much loved member of the pipe smoking community. Mr. Stewart blended Cornell & Diehl's Crooked Lane with the Tarlers, and repaired pipes for, among others, Bruce's Pipe Shop in Asheville, North Carolina. Mr. Stewart's history and skill is examined in the Spring, 2014 Pipes and Tobaccos Magazine in an article by Chuck Stanion titled "From high profile to high altitude" which may be read here. Those who knew his pipes accepted no others.

Sadly Mark Stewart became a broken pipe on July 15, 2015, leaving behind a loving family and a community greatly feeling the loss.