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Mars pipe: According to Wilczak & Colwell in their book titled "Who Made That Pipe?" Mars was manufactured by Otto Sevic in the United States, and dates to 1930. This makes sense if the patent date stamped thereon is July 6, 1926. The side of the pipe is marked: "MARS, PAT. 7.6.26" indicating the design was patented on July 6, 1926. The patent was apparently for a filtering system built into the base of the bowl. The pipe has a chamber built on the bottom of the bowl which is accessed through a black Bakelite cap. Inside is an aluminum chamber to catch moisture coming from the bowl. From the bowl bottom is a tube extending into the chamber and ending there a little above the cap. The cap appears to have an absorbent material like cotton or paper to absorb the moisture. And then through the shank is another aluminum tube which is ported into the shank and the stem is mounted with a normal tenon mount.