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Aldo Pierluigi emerged as a pipemaker around 1976/77. He stamped his earlier freehand pipes "Per mei amici" (For my friends). As it seems, Pierluigi chose a more commercialised way of pipemaking by creating the Mastro Beraldi line, which is mainly offered in the United States. This is not to say that these pipes are of inferior quality!

Mastro Beraldi c.1980, courtesy Racine & Laramie Tobacconist

Citation from the homepage:

"Mastro Beraldi pipes are completely hand crafted by Aldo Pierluigi and his family who has been making pipes in Rome since the ‘70s using artisan’s techniques and tools.

The experience acquired in the last 30 years led to the realization of this line of hand made pipes, different one from the others, with the aim of offering to the smokers a high quality product at an excellent price.

The briar wood is Italian and is carefully selected and aged.

The mouthpiece, also by Italian factories, is made of ebonite of the best quality internally strengthened with a special pin to protect against breakage. The finishing touches are obtained with new water colours and varnish.

The rings, trimmings, accessories and packages are individually designed to complement each unique pattern. For the typical manifacture and the selected and used materials we guarantee that this pipe is a totally hand made, made in Italy and ecological product."

Last year the Pierluigis started a new line of pipes called Mario Grandi. Since December 2006 these pipes are offered exclusively on internet auctions, starting at very low prices. Strange enough, they declare "Mario Grandi" to be a real and living pipemaker...

Considering the prices, these pipes are a good buy, especially if one applies some care to choose the better pieces.