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From Pipes, Artisans and Trademarks, by Jose Manuel Lopés'

Giorgio Micheli is an Italian artisan based in Lanusei, Sardinia. Not widely known, he nevertheless exhibits his pipes in various Italian towns and cities and made some pieces for the former Italian president, Sandro Pertini.

He started pipe making through his grandfather, who arrived in Sardinia in 1904, and made his living through brair until 1972. Briar was abundant on the Island in those years.

Micheli works alone, and is largely self taught. He makes about 300 pipes a year, mainly free-forms. "Producing classics gives me no pleasure, I prefer to create 'unique' models, and it's difficult to find two models of mine the same. I mainly produce large sizes, but do a little of everything, depending on my imaginations", he said at the Milano Pipa Clug site, in August 2002.

Contact Information:

Giorgio Micheli
08045 Lanusei (Nuoro / Sardegna)