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Orlik logo
Orlik Ad, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Orlik Ad, courtesy Doug Valitchka
Courtesy Doug Valitchka


Cased example, courtesy Doug Valitchka

In 1899, a pipe manufacturer was founded in London, Bond Street, by Louis Orlik. L. Orlik Ltd. started to produce high quality pipes for a relatively low price but high service and soon became quite popular. By 1907 they used the name L & A Orlik, which apparently added Louis's brother, Alfred to the company name. In the first quarter of 1900 they also established in Birmingham. This can be verified by silver hallmarks. In 1980 the company was acquired by Cadogan. Like many of London's other pipe manufacturers they moved to a new built factory in Southend-on-Sea. As all current brands in the Cadogan group, Orlik was being produced in those factories.

Orlik used the slogan "Smoked by all shrewd judges” “(who are also loved by his hard judge)" with a portrait of a judge wearing a wig. The picture is still used in Denmark for manufacturing of Orlik cigarettes.

Dating guide

In the Pre-Cadogan era of the Orlik, the name is ORLIK in a straight line, capital block letters. Also the MADE IN ENGLAND is in a straight line, capital block letters. However, there are a konwn model (ORLIK NATURAL T 1155) stamped with MADE IN ENGLAND in a straight line, capital serif letters. Date is unknown. The mouth piece have the Orlik logo, a circular O as a brass inlay.

After joining Cadogan the same origin stamp as other cadogan brands like Comoy´s etc. was used, MADE IN LONDON in circular an below ENGLAND in straight.

Models & Grades: Pre-Cadogan era

  • Virgin(Series Letter:Without letters)
  • Old Bond Street(Series Letter:A)
  • Old Bond Street Sandblast(Series Letter:AX)
  • Supreme(Series Letter:T)
  • Supreme Sandblast(Series Letter:TX)
  • Meerschaum Lined(Series Letter:M)
  • Corona(Series Letter:C)
  • Old Root(Series Letter:R)
  • De Luxe(Series Letter:L)
  • De Luxe Sandblast(Series Letter:LX)
  • Double Bore(Series Letter:W)
  • Prince Regent(Series Letter:P)
  • Major Black(Series Letter:MB)
  • Captain Black(Series Letter:B)
  • Captain Black Sandblast(Series Letter:BX)
  • Clubman(Series Letter:6793)
  • Clubman Sandblast(Series Letter:6793X)
  • Black Prince(Series Letter:6791)
  • Black Sandblast(Series Letter:6791X)
  • 3/4 oz De-Luxe(Series Letter:1990)
  • 3/4 oz(Series Letter:1986)
  • 3/4 oz Sandblast(Series Letter:1986X)

Onsite Links

Orlik Pipes Shapes Catalog[1],courtesy Yuriy Novikov