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Paul's Cayuga pipes are made by Paul Spaniola in Flint, MI. In addition making pipes, Paul also does repair work.

Compilation, courtesy Doug Valitchka

From his website: "Cayuga pipes are oil cured by a special process at 410 degrees Fahrenheit to mellow the briar and open the pores. Oil curing makes the pipe smoke cooler and dryer, and also lighter in weight. Also every one of the Cayuga pipes bowls are treated with a "MIRACLE CAKE" which makes the breaking in of the pipe a pleasant smoke right from the start. There are no filters of any kind in Cayuga pipes, which makes cleaning them much easier -- you can run a pipe cleaner through without taking them apart."

Contact Information:

Paul's Pipe Shop
Address: 647 S. Saginaw St. • Flint, MI 48502 
Phone: 810-235-0581