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Pascal Piazzolla, cousin of “the king of Argentinian Tango” Astor Piazolla, is a master pipe maker, awarded several times for his high quality high quality craftsmanship.

Pipes, from the Piazzolla Websire
Pascal Piazzolla, from the Piazzolla Websire

He made his debut with Chapuis-Comoy Institutions (Society La Bruyère) in Saint-Claude le Jura (France). Then, as a designer, he worked for a number of famous institutions such as Butz-Choquin, Waille, Grapple, Jeantet David, Bontemps, etc.

He contributed to the development of the commercial establishment of Jean Lacroix, working from 1967 to 1978 as a representative. Passionate about his craft, he moved to the Annecy area (Aviernoz) to develop his own style and range of pipes.

With his pipes being smoked around the world and his work recognised by his peers and admirers alike, he continues to make pipes of the highest quality as his passion.

Contact Information:

Pascal Piazzolla
16 A Chemin entre deux nant
74570 Aviernoz

Phone & Fax: +33 (0)450 22 82 97
E-mail: contact@piazzolla-pascal.com
Website: Pascal Piazzolla