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We have recently implemented recaptcha to verify edits and registrations are being performed by human operators. So far this has completely prevented spam, which had become a very annoying burden. It is set such that it should not affect registered users, only unregistered users and those registering for the first time. Let me know if you have any problems or questions.

We could really use more contributors! Currently we have four doing a great deal, thanks to TseHa, Frank, and Bill! Thankfully we have a lot of materials to draw from, but we could really use some expertise in the following areas:

  1. Dunhills: We need a credible expert to oversee and/or contribute materials
  2. Barlings: We need a credible expert to oversee and/or contribute materials
  3. Charatan: Notable Collector, Bob Swanson, is working on material for us! Others are welcome.
  4. GBDs: We need a credible expert to oversee and/or contribute materials
  5. Attention collectors of everything else: If you have expertise collecting any specific maker's pipes, please consider contributing and/or overseeing the contributions of others in your areas
  6. We need you!If you have expertise on any particular pipes, or good pictures of them, we really need your help with developing articles! Please help by clicking on the name, then the Edit tab, and adding the information and photos you have.
  7. Tobacco: We are looking for an experienced blender, hopefully with recognizable high credibility, to help develop and oversee this section).
  8. Meerschaum: The sub-section we have should link to a separate article with lots of information pertaining to all aspects of Meerschaum smoking and collecting and sub-articles on the various carvers and companies.
  9. Pipe Smoking Health: We are looking for a medical health professional, hopefully with recognizable credibility in this area, to help develop and oversee this section.

Note: If you have expertise and credible materials you would like included in Pipedia in any of the above areas, or others you think important, but can't figure out how to include them, or don't have time, we can include them for you. Please E-mail with the details.

If you have interest in contributing in any of these areas, or have any other suggestions for projects, please let me know, or just dive in! I'm happy to help you get started if you need it. But you can learn the basic editing techniques from at the following links:

Editing Pages

Help with Images

Help with Formating

Thanks for your interest, S.E. Thile mailto:sethile.pipes@gmail.com