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Smooth Bent Dublin, courtesy lepipe.it
Blasted Bent Egg, courtesy lepipe.it

Alexander Ponomarchuk was born on the 20 of September, 1971 in Ukraine.

In 1991 finished the flying college and went to Siberia to work in Zapolyarye (the place beyond the Arctic circle). In 1998 having completed the prescribed 3600 hours of flight returned home. In 2002 begun to find and study the materials on pipe making and after a while made the first pipe. Step-by-step the appropriate equipment, the experience and self-reliance were accumulated. At the turn of the year 2006 I decided to leave the work in order to dedicate myself to pipe making.

An excellent selection of Ponomarchuk pipes is available at Pipedia Underwriter, lepipe.it

Contact Information:

Alexander Ponomarchuk Website (eng)
Alexander Ponomarchuk Website (rus)