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Courtesy of Jakob Groth

Poul Rasmussen Pipe01.jpg

Poul Rasmussen was perhaps the second pipemaker in Denmark as he was the foreman in Suhr's Pipe Work Shop after Sixten Ivarsson had left. In Suhr's a lot of pipes were repaired! Later on Rasmussen established his own workshop in Hornemannsgade.

When Poul Rasmussen died from a weak heart in 1967 one of his pupils wrote: "His biggest importance for the future of Danish handmade pipes is that from his workshop has come many of our most skilled pipe artists, who can thank Poul Rasmussen for their knowledge and ability. They now work individually on the basis he created."

Some names to be mentioned from this school are Emil Chonowitsch (father of Jess), Björn Bengtsson, Tom Eltang and of course, Anne Julie, widow of Poul Rasmussen.

Some characteristics from this workshop: many classic shapes, not so different from the factory shapes, often rather slim or slender shapes with "tight" lines. It is in this school that the so called "laboratory" or "chemical" stain is used, though "invented" by Sixten, resulting in a very contrasted grain on many pipes.

Poul also made pipes for W.Ø. Larsen. Here are some wonderful examples from the W.Ø. Larsen 1961-62 catalog, courtesy Danishpipemakers.com: