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Sara Pipes

When the Danish pipe maker Karl Erik passed away all too soon in 2004, Tom Eltang got his old lathe and a wage plan got new life...

For a long time Tom Eltang had been playing with the idea of making good sincere pipes at an affordable price. "I wanted to create pipes with a quality of construction that is comparable to expensive high grade pipes, but at a reasonable price." Tom invested in and established a small "factory setup" and designed the Sara Eltang Pipes - a line of elegant and classic shaped models that fits the setup.

The pipes are named after Tom and Pia Eltang's youngest daughter. Sara has not given only her name to the project - she takes an active part in the production. Always barefooted and hence the logo, she has been helping her father in his workshop since years. Furthermore there is Kurt Hansen, an old pipemaker friend of Tom, helping out in the "factory" turning the pipes on the lathe one by one. All pipes are inspected and hand-finished by Tom himself. Knowing him, he will not compromise on quality, but with a life long experience in the pipe making business he knows how to optimize the production and to be efficient and still keep the quality.

The pipes are all fitted with acrylic mouthpieces and they come in smooth and sandblast finish with and without filter.