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Amber Root
<gallery widths=200px heights=150px caption="Dunhill 5103 Amber Root Silver SpigotDunhills, courtesy Chip Fadeley">File:Dunhill Spigot.jpg|In 5103 Amber Root Silver Spigot in 1933 Chicago World's Fair StandFile:Dunhill Spigot2.jpg|5103 Amber Root Silver SpigotFile:Dunhill Duke Chestnut.jpg|Duke 4144 in ChestnutFile:Dunhill Duke Chestnut5.jpg|Duke 4144 in ChestnutFile:Dunhill Duke Chestnut6.jpg|Duke 4144 in ChestnutFile:Dunhill Duke Chestnut7.jpg|Duke 4144 in Chestnut
''Chip states, "I understand that Dunhill rarely makes a spigot in a size five. They're few and far between due to the limited production. At least that is what the Dunhill representative told me - maybe one a year. Who's knows, he might have been playing salesman.''
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