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[[Åge Bogelund]] was in charge of the Bari factory after [[Viggo Nielsen]]. During factory operation and after the factory closed he made some handmade pipes stamped with his name, some are quite large and some are very unique. They are scarce and have become collectible.
From 1978 to 1993 Åge Bogelund and Helmer Thomsen headed Bari's pipeproduction. Helmer Thomson bought the company in 1993 re-naming it to "Bari Piber Helmer Thomsen". The workshop moved to more convenient buildings in Vejen. Bogelund created very fine freehands of his own during the time at Bari.
[[Image:AgeBogelund.jpg|thumb|600px|center|Age Åge Bogelund pipe with very nice straight grain - Courtesy of Mike Ahmadi]]

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