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[[Image:FirstYearAshtonPanels.jpg|right|thumb|A Pair Of 1983 Ashton Sandblasts (Pre-Pebble Grain - Image Courtesy of Mike Ahmadi]]
[[Image:FirstYearPanelsTopView.jpg|center|thumb|A Pair Of 1983 Ashtons (Note The Fantastic Sandblasting) - Image Courtesy of Mike Ahmadi]]
The first pipe was made in 1983. From this year and at least up to 2002 pipes were stamped with a suffix number after the origin "Made in England". It starts with no. 3 in 1983 and continues counting up to no. 22 in 2002. First year pipes were stamped with simple block lettering and did not include a finish stamping. The origin on first year pipes was stamped "MADE IN LONDON ENGLAND". There were only 31 pipes made in total in 1983, which means they are quite rare and sought by Ashton collectors.

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