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Group 3, Collections, Series
====Group 3, Collections, Series====
[[File:Maigret1.jpg|thumb|Maigret Limited Edition]][[File:Maigret2.jpg|thumb|left|Maigret Limited Edition]]This is probably the most popular group of modern Peterson pipes for collectors, offering good variety and choice at very fair pricing.
  '''Year Pipes, Commemorative and Limited editions''': Each year Peterson's design and produce a select number of pipes in limited numbers to commemorate a particular year,subject or occasion. These products are particularly directed at the pipe connoisseur and collectors who can
recognise the characteristics of these particular pipe examples, which are unique in material, workmanship and styling.<br>
Prices usually start at around $200.
[[File:Writer2.jpg|thumb|Writer Collection]]'''Collections''': Usually these popular themed collections of pipes are boxed.

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