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ND Pipes

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[[File:Daniel Mostran.jpg|thumb|left|200px|Daniel Mostran of tNd tobacco pipesND Pipes, courtesy, []]][[File:Mustran.jpg|thumb|300px|courtesy, []]]'''ND Pipes'''
Born in Germany, near the Swiss/Austrian border in 1975, Daniel 'Muki' Mustran, the man behind "ND Pipes," now lives and works in Osijek, Croatia. Though a newcomer (Daniel carved his first pipe in 2010), through a combination of arriving with pipe-related skills already in the bag, intense passion for his craft, unflagging dedication, and receiving help from the likes of Enrico Marola and Eder Mathias, Mustran's carving is remarkably advanced. Preferring to use classic forms as a springboard for more adventurous shapes, rather than simply knocking out another template, Muki's aesthetic presents a fascinating synergy between the modernist executions of both the West and Russia.

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