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The Very little is known about the company. According to the albums the company was founded in 1760 in Amsterdam as Hermann Oldenkott , with since 1819 a subsidiary in Ahaus (Germany). Probably the factoryhad some other factories as well, another ancient german pipe factory was closedas in 1838 August Kersten from Rees (Germany) bought the factories from Heinric Oldenkott in 1992Elten (Germany) and Weesp (Holland). It is, however, not clear whether these were part of the same company as the original Oldenkott company. The pipes was also machine made This German company increased rapidly and in general became one of mediocrequalitythe largest German tobacco companies. The most important pipes of In 1929 the factories from Hermann Oldenkott was in Ahaus and Neuss (Germany) were bought by the so called"Porsche" design pipeGerman Oldenkott company. The bowl German company also produced pipes since 1932. In 1972 the German company was turned like bought by the motor block of aracing car an was laquered with a silver-grey colourDutch company Niemeijer. Today thisspecial Tobacco production ceased in 1974 and only pipes are very rare and expensivewere still made. If have no idea of In 1987 the German pipe company was bought by thegrading system of OldenkottKersten family again, but closed in 1992.
The pipes was also machine made and in general of mediocre quality. The most important pipes of Oldenkott was the so called "Porsche" design pipe. The bowl was turned like the motor block of a racing car an was laquered with a silver-grey colour. Today this special pipes are very rare and expensive. If have no idea of the grading system of Oldenkott. Independent on what I say about the quality of both Oldenkott andVAUEN, the pipes are know as good smokers.
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