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Kiess Pipes

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[[Image:65thkiess.jpg|thumb|300px|Pebbled Brandy Lovat by Bob Kiess, courtesy, [ Smokers Haven, 65th Anniversary set]]][[File:BobKiess.jpg|thumb|left|Dr. Bob Kiess, courtesy, []]]Dr. Robert C. Kiess was born in Williamsport, Pennsylvania and first discovered the joys of pipe smoking while attending Medical School in New York at Columbia University. He now resides in Massachusetts running his practice in Family Medicine and making pipes.
Several years ago, Dr. Kiess discovered a pipemaking book, and then attended Al Bair's two-day apprentice course. A pipemaker was born! After attending a few pipeshows and pipe club meetings, Dr. Kiess wanted to learn more. He spent several days in [[J.M. Boswell]]'s workshop experiencing another valuable lesson. The only skill he was missing now was silver work. Fortunately, he was able to chat with another great pipe maker, [[Rolando Negoita]], and was able to learn the skills necessary to make and fit Silver Bands to his pipes.
He moved to Vermont recently.
You might also like to listen to Brian Levine's interview with Dr. Bob on the [ Pipes Magazine Radio Show]
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