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Michael Kyriazanos

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Archaggelos Handmade Smoking pipes
[[File:AM_No._26_Canadian.jpg|250px|thumb|right|No. 26 Canadian ]]
Micahael Michail Kyriazanos ued to make Archaggelos Handmade pipes before stamping his pipes under his own name.. He states, ''"as a pipe smoker I want my pipes to smoke cool, with good air flow and with their drilling to allow them to smoke a big variety tobaccos and blends."'' He loves classic shapes and their modern conversions and intends to study and make all those shapes.
Born in Athens in 1989, Michail Kyriazanos (Mi-ha-il Ki-ria-za-nos), with the exception of five years of collegiate study in the city of his birth, was raised in and continues to live/carve on Paros Island, arguably one of the most beautiful spots on earth.

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