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[[Image:Caminetto.jpg|left|thumb]]Caminetto's history started in 1959 when '''Guiseppe Ascorti''', from Cucciago, and known to his friends as "Peppino", was hired by '''Carlo Scotti''' to work at '''[[Castello]]''', located in nearby Cantu. Since it's foundation in 1947 Castello had contributed substantially to re-gained glory for Italian pipemaking.  [[Image:Caminetto.jpg|left|thumb]]Talent and assiduity soon made Ascorti one of Scotti's most notable pipemakers. A man he counted on for the future. But Ascorti had his own far reaching plan: he wanted to work as a self-employed pipemaker! After his wife Paola had taken over her parent's small greengrocery in the early 60s this plan became more concrete. The additional income from the shop enabled him to buy tools and machines little by little to furnish his own workshop. By the end of 1968 he was ready and left Castello. Ascorti also persuaded the young and highly talented pipemaker '''Luigi [[Radice]]''' (born 1939), who was also his next door neighbor in Cucciago, to join him. Carlo Scotti, whom is known as a perfect gentleman, is reported to have spoken unreservedly about this development.
Ascorti & Radice started to manufacture pipes on their own. One of the first who agreed to market their pipes was '''Gianni Davoli''', proprietor of a tobacco shop in Milan. The situation was perfect--two pipemakers in search of a distributor, and a pipe merchant in search of a mainstay brand to market. Davoli - via friends and relations in the States - had made florishing contacts with US pipe wholesalers and traders. He shipped some pipes across the pond for inspection and received excellent feedback for the very high quality of the pipes. So he shortly after offered to be the sole distributor worldwide and Ascorti & Radice happily accepted.

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