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Wally Frank

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[[File:WallyFrank BulldogWf1951C.jpg|thumb|400px200px|exterior view, Wally Frank Bulldog, courtesy [http://http://www44th St.smokingpipesand Madison], New York City, 1951]]
Wally Frank, Ltd. was one of America's oldest and most respected names in pipes and tobaccos, beginning in the earlt 1930’s. Wally Frank operated a chain of tobacco stores in New York City (the flagship store was in Lexington Avenue) and had a vast catalog business for pipes and pipe tobaccos. Their numerous private-label pipes were made by many makers, including Charatan, Sasieni, Weber, and many others. Wally Frank, Ltd. also owned the [[Pioneer]] brand of meerschaum pipes, made from both Turkish and African meerschaum. In addition to importing pipes, he had many pipes made in his own name and also employed pipemakers like [[Stokkebye|Peter Stokkebye]], [[S. Bang|Svend Bang]], and [[Ed Burak]] (who later became the owner of [[Connoisseur]]). As a result, each Wally Frank pipe must be individually evaluated on its own merit.
[[File:HilsonElan1964Wf1951B.jpg|thumb|400px200px|1964 interior view, Wally Frank catalog listing for Hilson Elan, Courtesy Doug Valitchka44th St. and Madison Ave., New York City, 1951]][[File:Wf1951A.jpg|thumb|200px|exterior view, Wally Frank, 44th St. and Madison Ave., New York City, 1951]]
Members of Wally Frank's "The Pipe of the Month Club" received a new pipe in the mail once a month.
*John Street
*London Lightweights
*White Bar
[[File:WallyFrank Bulldog.jpg|thumb|400px|Wally Frank Bulldog, courtesy [http://]]]
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